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Astronomy: Links to specific web sites

Astronomy Picture of the Day
A NASA site that has a different astronomy picture each day. It also has an archive site with lots of old pictures.
Daily Almanac
Sky & Telescope's Almanac showing lots of astronomical information for today. It will show the current phase of the Moon as well as the rising and setting times for the Moon and the Sun. It also shows the position and the rise, transit, and setting times for all the planets.
Astronomy Applets
The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project. This site contains a wonderful set of "applets" or little animated illustrations that demonstrate many of the simple features of astronomy. Items on the site include basic motions of the night sky including the sun, moon, stars and planets, animated models of the solar system including the Ptolemaic and Keplerian models, and a lunar phase model. There are also some more advanced items for the adventurous student.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The home site for the JPL, NASA's spacecraft laboratory. Information on artificial satellites.
Space Telescope Science Institute
The main center for the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope
Astronomy: The Evolving Universe, by Michael Zeilik
The web site for the text used in PHYS 1125, Astronomy. Lots of specific material for the course.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey / SkyServer
Lots of images. Also, many tools and projects from elementary to advanced. Material for amateurs and professionals.
The public site for the Hubble Space Telescope. Lots of great images.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
One of the best astronomy associations with a wonderful web site.
Astronomy Tools
A group of simple tools for observers. Compute almanac information.
Sky and Telescope - Observing
One of the best commercial sites for amateur astronomers. Lots of nightly observing information.

Astronomy: Links to lists of web sites

United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey
New Jersey Amateur Astronomers. Lots of clubs and information about viewing sessions in New Jersey.
Astronomy on the Web
A nice simple set of links from a Pennsylvania school system site.
Palomar CC's Links
A list of links for the general public from Palomar Community College. Lots of neat stuff!
Astronomy Resources
A directory of astronomy related web sites from which lists very large group of science related sites including the area on astronomy.
Astronomical Links
A detailed set of links to advanced astronomy resources. International in scope, professional in breadth.
Astronomy Sites - Syracuse University Library
An extensive and well annotated list of astronomy resources from the library at Syracuse University

Astronomy: Lists of links from individuals

Astronomy Resources
from a professional astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute.
from an amateur astronomer at Rutgers.

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