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PDF Files to Download

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Many of these files are in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format.
You can download the latest version of the Reader here.
Astronomy Learning Outcomes
A set of learning outcomes for PHYS1125, Astronomy
Astronomy Essay Questions
Sample essay questions from midterm and final examinations for PHYS1125, Astronomy
Faculty Handbook
The latest edition of the Faculty Handbook The previous 2000 Edition.
My Adjunct Rank Proposal
This is the version I produced in 2002
The Original Adjunct Rank Proposal
My original 1996 Adjunct Rank Proposal
Complete Faculty Evaluation of Dean John Snyder
This is the complete version of the Spring, 2004, Faculty Evaluation of John Snyder, Dean of Univeersity College.
This is a PDF file with the Cover Memo, the Summary, the Analysis, and the Response of the Dean.

Endeavor Form
The actual Endeavor form
Endeavor Guidelines
Guidelines for use of Endeavor
Endeavor Handbook
The original Endeavor Handbook, reorganized
Endeavor History
The history of Endeavor and its adoption by FDU
On Student Evaluations
A white paper by David Flory on student evaluations of faculty. Discussion of the dangers and pitfalls in constructing and using student evaluations.

How to Print and Read LST Files
Instructions for using the LST files in the Academic Administration data archive.
CIP 2000 Booklet
The official Classification of Instructional Programs, 2000 Edition (CIP or IPEDS codes) from the National Center for Educational Statistics. The old CIP_1990 edition is also available. You can also look at this material on the NCES web site for CIP: 2000 Edition
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