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Faculty Governance

AAUP Materials

American Association of University Professors
The home site for the AAUP.
1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure with 1970 Interpretive Copmments
This is the definitive statement of the principles of tenure. It has been endorsed by over 174 professional associations in higher education including the AAUP, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and the Board of Trustees of Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Resources on Academic Freedom and Tenure
Selected statements and reports from the "The Redbook." All of the major AAUP policy statments can be found here.
Statements and Reports
A compendium of AAUP statements and reports. Some from the Redbook, some too recent for inclusion, some quite topical.
AAUP Unionism: Principles & Goals
The AAUP's statement of principles on unionism in higher education.
Collective Bargaining: Revised And Revisited 2001
An assessment of the legal status of collective bargaining in 2001.
Resources on Collective Bargaining
A collection of AAUP documents on collective bargaining.
U.S. Supreme Court: NLRB v. Yeshiva University
The Supreme Court decision that essentially ended collective bargaining at Universities in the private sector.

FDU Materials

Faculty Handbook
The 2008 Edition of the FDU Faculty Handbook. It superceeds the 2000 Edition. Every faculty member should be familiar with the content of this document.
Faculty Manual
Not the Handbook but the Manual. This web based document contains a lot of very useful information on the rules and regulations that faculty are supposed to follow. It is published by the two Office(s) of the Campus Provost. In addition to rules and regulaltions, it also has a lot of useful general information for all faculty. For the record, it has never received fomal faculty approval.
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